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Hi, I’m Jim, based in London.
Thanks for finding me!


I’m a London based website copywriter and seo (search engine optimisation) copywriter. There’s a slight difference; but let’s be honest, you’re not really that interested in what I do, you just want to know if I can make you more money.


The answer is: definitely!


You are probably here because you’ve got a nice looking website, but somehow it’s just not conveying those all important sales messages. You’re losing potential customers, plus it’s nowhere to be seen in search engine results pages (serps).


You feel like the internet is passing you by.


Or perhaps you are in the process of having a new site built, but haven’t thought much about what words to use. You need a website copywriter!


What can a website copywriter do for me?

website copywriter will focus on your site's sales messages and converting your visitors into customers

Website copywriting usually refers to writing words for the main navigation pages of a website. Generally these pages are home, about, services, etc.


In short: the main sales and call-to-action pages.

Most of the time it’s necessary to develop a keyword strategy and weave the relevant key phrases into the copy; but this isn’t always the case.


Sometimes the demands of a project are such that the home page will only require short punchy messages consisting of no more than 50 words; on its own, not great for search rankings.


The most important thing is to write for your target market! Sell the benefits of your goods or services, and get your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do. This is known as your call-to-action objective. This could be something as simple as filling in a contact form, picking up the phone or buying a product straight off the site (ecommerce).

What can a SEO copywriter do for me?

A SEO copywriter will focus on boosting your search engine rankings and creating engaging content


Yep, this can be your main navigation pages too, but more often than not it’s additional content such as blog posts and articles. In depth keyword and competitor research are the drivers behind good seo content.


Become an authority on your area of expertise and give visitors a reason to keep returning. Google loves it, visitors love it, your competitors will hate it – oh, boo hoo.


What are the main benefits to my business?

More paying customers
Increased sales revenue / interest
Seeing conversion rates increase by as much as 900%


The right words will…

  • Grab the visitor’s… Attention
  • Hold their… Interest
  • Evoke… Desire
  • Ensure they have… Conviction
  • Call them to… Action


You’ll find I’m friendly, approachable and above all knowledgeable. So what are you waiting for… get in touch.


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